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Hey everyone! We're happy to announce our first skaid event on 20th of may at Landhausplatz Innsbruck! Check out the good vibes at our fist workshop a few weeks ago and spread the word!Sound by Louis Lonesome & The Walking Dead

Posted by Skaid on Freitag, 28. April 2017

Skaid is a recently founded social project with the aim to connect people from different cultures and social backgrounds and promote mutual understanding. We belief especially in the connecting power of sharing positive experiences in sports. For that reason our fist objective is to organize skate- and longboard-workshops for refugee people guided by locals! Currently we are organizing an event ment to take place in the end of may!

Foto: Carlos Blanchard
Video: Marinus Höflinger

News coming up soon!
We hope for your support!

Pia & Marinus