Grias di!

I’m a dipl.-ing. for architecture, camera operator and graphic designer based in Innsbruck, Austria and Reit im Winkl, Bavaria. I started making and directing movies as a child, when my father give me his old analog film camera back in 1999. From that point on my love for moving pictures and illustrations started.

Many years ago I found my passion in making outdoor films. A small film sector in which you have all the freedom and space to be creative as well as to move the boundaries of the feasible. With the production of movies I leared to work in groups aswell as to present my work on events and filmfestivals. 2015 and 2016 I had the honor to work for hollywood and bollywood production companies.

In 2009 I started to study architecture on the University of Innsbruck. A discipline that expanded my senses for time, space and human life. With my bachelor- and masterthesis I found a way to bring architecture, alpine landscape an human concerns together.

Marinus Höflinger

Foto: Matthias Delueg